Webb Genealogy - Person Sheet
Webb Genealogy - Person Sheet
NameTelitha Webb
Birthabt Dec 1849881
MemoWas age 10 months in October 1850 so born in December 1849 or January 1850.
Census1850, District 18, Sumner County, TN, USA881
MemoLine 11: Tabitha Webb, age 10/12.
FatherWilliam Smith Webb Jr. (1818-1870)
MotherTelitha Y Zarecor (1811-1889)
Notes for Telitha Webb
Telitha is missing from the William Smith Webb family in the 1860 census when she would be approximately 11 years of age. Possibly died as a youth?751

A Telitha J Lee, along with William Lee and L. M. Lee joined the Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church. Since her brother married Amanda Lee and the Lee’s were next-door neighbors, it would be highly reasonable for Telitha to have married into the same family. This Telitha died July 29, 1911.438

A Telitha Webb married Samuel S. Henderson in Roane County, TN on December 28, 1885. Could be this one or possibly a niece of hers if a brother named a daughter Telitha.46 There is also a family genealogy listing a Telitha Webb who married John Boner.
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