Webb Genealogy - Person Sheet
Webb Genealogy - Person Sheet
NameJohn Zarecor 1328
Birthca 1765, NC, USA151,152, Lists birth in 1776,153
Residence1817, Sumner County, TN, USA437
Memo170 acres of taxable property. Listed as John Zereker. Situation is M f R R
Residence1819, Sumner County, TN, USA397
Memo170 acres of taxable property. Listed as John Zaricor
Census1820, Sumner County, TN, USA1487
MemoLine 1 of last page: John Zarecor, 1, 0, 1, 3, 0, 1, 5, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 3, 0, 0
Residence1821, Sumner County, TN, USA435
Memo170 acres of taxable property. Listed as John Zasacor.
Residence1822, Sumner County, TN, USA434
Memo170 acres of taxable property. Listed as John Zacacor
Census1830, Sumner County, TN, USA28
MemoLine 8. Listed as John Zaricher
Census1840, Sumner County, TN, USA934
MemoLine 1: John Zaricor. Household consisted of one male age 80-89 (should have been 70-79 for John Zarecor), one female age 60-69 (should be 50-59 for Jane Parks Zarecor), one male and one female age 20-29 (I don’t see a son that fits so assume this is Jane or Minerva and her husband), one male age 15-19 (Robert Lafayette Zarecor), and one female age 15-19 (I don’t see a match, possibly Margaret).
Death23 Dec 1842, Sumner County, TN, USA151,1328
BurialSumner County, TN, USA151
FatherJohn Zerker (ca1745-1803)
MotherKatherina (ca1745-1810)
Birth1782, TN, USA151,153
Deathbef 1850, Sumner County, TN, USA151,153
FatherCaptain George Parks (1735-1810)
MotherCatherine Anne Dunlap (~1745->1810)
Marriageca 1794151
ChildrenSamuel (1798-1875)
 George (1800-1886)
 Catherine (1805-1885)
 Mary G. (1806-<1853)
 Elizabeth (~1808-)
 Telitha Y (1811-1889)
 Jane Harriett (1814-1853)
 Minerva Ann (1815-)
Notes for John Zarecor
No legal proof that he is the John listed as a son of John Zerker, but a letter in the possession of his descendents indicates such.153 Since Telitha had a last name of Zarecor as did other descendents154, I am sticking with that spelling for his branch.

The 1830 census of Sumner County, TN lists John Zaricher with a household containing one male aged 0-5 years [matches Robert Lafayette Zarecor], a male and a female aged 6-10 [possibly John and Margaret since no birth dates are known for them], two females aged 16-20 [probably Telitha and Jane], one male and three females aged 21-30 [probably George, Catherine, Mary G, and Elizabeth], one female aged 41-50 [matches Jane Parks, wife of John Zarecor], and one male aged 71-80 [if this is John Zarecor, it would place his birth between 1750 - 1759 making him even older than thought]. The locality for John Zaricher is 2114 which is the plot adjacent to that of Smith Webb (2115).28
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