Webb Genealogy - Family Card
Webb Genealogy - Family Card
John Blackwell(abt 1740 - 1818)William Marshall(24 Apr 1767 - 12 Feb 1854)
Frances Pomfret(7 Aug 1747 - aft 1818)Nancy Wortham(12 Sep 1769 - 17 May 1837)
m. 27 Nov 1804, Granville County, NC, USA
b. 1773, Hanover County, VA, USA
d. Vance County, NC, USA
bur. Vance County, NC, USA
Flags. Deceased
Flags. Deceased
Willam Marshall Blackwell(7 Dec 1805 - bef 1813)
John Pomphrette Blackwell Sr.(28 Jan 1807 - 16 Jun 1890)
William Marshall Blackwell(13 Aug 1813 - 15 Nov 1823)
Mary A Blackwell(13 May 1817 - 24 Aug 1823)
All sources of data are documented on the “Person Sheet” for each individual. My early data often came from less-than-reliable sources (e.g., “Sarah’s genealogy pages”). If the only sources for a person is something like that or worse there is no listed source for data, please take the information as only a suggestion and not a fact.

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