Webb Genealogy - Family Card
Webb Genealogy - Family Card
Carl August Andersson(6 Mar 1827 - 14 Oct 1883)
Charlotte Borg(9 Jun 1832 - 8 Nov 1915)
b. 25 Mar 1863, Långebro På N:o 186 Krokfors St Smedbergs Rote, Ljusnarsberg, Örebro, Västmanland, Sweden, Scandinavia
d. 1931
Flags. Deceased
All sources of data are documented on the “Person Sheet” for each individual. My early data often came from less-than-reliable sources (e.g., “Sarah’s genealogy pages”). If the only sources for a person is something like that or worse there is no listed source for data, please take the information as only a suggestion and not a fact.

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