Webb Genealogy - Family Card
Webb Genealogy - Family Card
William Jonathan McMillen(11 Feb 1867 - 22 Jul 1952)Frank W Randall
Mary May Nelson(22 Feb 1888 - 1 Sep 1963)Flossie Bell Boyer
m. 23 Dec 1939, Columbus, Stillwater County, MT, USA - div. 18 Sep 1966, Conrad, Pondera County, MT, USA
b. 17 Nov 1905, Silesia, Carbon County, MT, USA
d. 28 Aug 1983, Fresno Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno, Fresno County, CA, USA, age: 77
bur. 2 Sep 1983, Plainsburg Cemetery, 8943 E Gillette Rd, Le Grand, Merced County, CA, USA
occ. Farmer
Flags. Deceased
b. 6 Feb 1919, Custer, Yellowstone County, MT, USA
d. 4 Apr 2005, Bonnie Bluejacket Memorial Nursing Home, Basin, Big Horn County, WY, USA, age: 86
bur. 7 Apr 2005, Donald J Ruhl Memorial Cemetery, Greybull, Big Horn County, WY, USA
Flags. Deceased
Spouses: 1, 2, 3, 4
Roy Eugene McMillen(15 Jul 1940 - 4 Jun 2008)
Ray Arthur McMillen(25 Jul 1941 - 30 Apr 2015)
Mary Louise McMillen(1 Oct 1943 - 2 Jul 1983)
Betty Jean McMillen(21 Nov 1946 - 9 May 2013)
All sources of data are documented on the “Person Sheet” for each individual. My early data often came from less-than-reliable sources (e.g., “Sarah’s genealogy pages”). If the only sources for a person is something like that or worse there is no listed source for data, please take the information as only a suggestion and not a fact.

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