Webb Genealogy - Person Sheet
Webb Genealogy - Person Sheet
NameWilliam Smith Webb Jr.
Birth18 Mar 1818, VA, USA92,93,94,95
Death26 Mar 1870, Sumner County, TN, USA92,95
BurialWebb Cemetery at 147 Lee Road, White House, Sumner County, TN, USA92,95
Census1830, Sumner County, TN, USA96
MemoHousehold contained Page 216, ID# TNS3a1957417: 1 male and 1 female 51-60 [William Smith Webb Sr. and Nancy Clowers Webb], 1 female 81-90 [Either Rebecca Martin Webb or JoAnna Clower], 1 male 21-30 [Joseph Webb], and 1 male 11-15 [William Smith Webb Jr.]
Census1840, Sumner County, TN, USA89
MemoLine 3: Smith Webb. Household consisted of one male age 20-29 (William Smith Webb), one female age 20-29 (Telitha Y Zarecor Webb), two boys under 5 (Samuel Smith Webb and John Webb) and one girl under 5 (Nancy Jane Webb).
Census1850, District 18, Sumner County, TN, USA90
MemoLine 1 (Household 92): William S. Webb, age 32 born in Virginia. Farmer working 500 acres
Census1860, District 18, Sumner County, TN, USA82
MemoLine 37: Wm S Webb, age 43, M, Farmer, born in VA
FatherWilliam Smith Webb Sr. (1775-1836)
MotherNancy Clowers (1779-1833)
Birth28 Dec 1811, NC, USA92,97,98
Death7 May 1889, Sumner County, TN, USA92
BurialWebb Cemetery at 147 Lee Road, White House, Sumner County, TN, USA92,98
FatherJohn Zarecor (ca1765-1842)
MotherJane Parks (1782-<1850)
Marriage31 Oct 1833, Sumner County, TN, USA99,100
Marr MemoMarried by James T. Tompkins
ChildrenSamuel Smith (~1836-~1893)
 John (~1837-)
 Nancy Jane (1840-1919)
 Margaret Eveline (~1843-1910)
 Mary Avoline (1843-1910)
 Benjamin F (1844-1919)
 Joseph Robert (1845-)
 Burton Worth (1848-1918)
 Telitha (~1849-)
 William Thomas (1849-1918)
 George W (1851-1906)
Notes for William Smith Webb Jr.
William Smith Webb Jr. was born when his parents were fairly old (mother 41 and father 43). This might explain why his father’s will included a special bequest of land to him to make him even with his older brothers.

According to probate records101, he was the guardian for Nancy Martin along with William and Russell Baldridge. The only Baldridge I have in my records at this time is Mary Baldridge Zaricor, the wife of William Webb’s wife’s cousin’s son. I do not know who Nancy Martin was.

Note from William E. Webb on gravestones for William Smith Webb and Telitha Y Zarecor Webb:

“There is a story that goes with these stones. In 1994 I found this cemetery after about 2 years search. There were no markers in place. I asked Mrs. Locke, owner of the property, where the graves were. In her vegetable garden she stated and she showed me the approximate location. She told me that the man who plowed her garden got tired of hitting the stones, took them, and threw them over the fence into the cow pasture.

“I found them mostly covered with dirt, briers, small bushes, and whatever. After an hours work I got to them. Another hours work and I had them out. They were broken in half. Cleaning them off as best I could and placing them together I could read all words and numbers.

“Some weeks later my son Ed and I went back and took the stones to a car wash and cleaned them and repaired them as best we could. Mrs. Locke showed us where to set them.

“I believe there are at least five more graves there. Likely Samuel and Amanda (Lee) Webb--Mrs. and Mr. John Lee, and a 13 year old girl, a grand daughter of the Lee's. My plan is to verify this as soon as I can. Then build a fence around the graveyard. The reason for this--Tennessee law concerning graveyards are that if not taken care of, they can be destroyed.”92

The inscription on his headstone is fairly hard to read in the pictures William Webb sent me but after visiting the grave I have a clearer understanding. At the top are three linked rings that have the letters F L T in them as seen here.102 This is a symbol of the Oddfellows organization and stands for Friendship, Love, and Truth.103Under that in an arc it says:


Inside the arc there is an engraving of what I believe to be an eagle. The headstone is broken below the engraving but assumedly said BORN where it is broken. Under the broken portion it reads

Mar. 18, 1818


Mar. 26, 1870

His estate was settled on May 11, 1870 with payments of $201.40 to Nancy Martin, $49.09 to William Baldridge, and $17.58 to Russell Baldridge as recorded on pages 69-71 of “Sumner County Probate Records Guardian Settlements”.104

A William Webb was 4th Sgt in Company E of the 7th Tennessee Infantry. He originally enlisted in Company F of the 16th Tennessee Infantry. He was given a medical discharge on January 1, 1862.105

A court record reads:

Tuesday morning October 24th 1843

Court met according to adjournment present the Honorable Thomas Maney Judge

A power of attorney from Moses M. Donelson and Jane Harriett Donelson formerly Jane Harriett Zancor daughter of John Zancor dec'd and Tabitha Webb wife of William S. Webb and daughter of John Zancor dec'd to William S. Webb

dated the 24th day of October A.D. 1843 was duly acknowledged in open court by the said Moses M. Donelson Jane Harriett Donelson and Tabitha Webb wife of William S. Webb to be their act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned And the said Jane Harriett Donelson and Tabitha Webb the feemes? covert? above mentioned being examined by the court separate and apart from their said husbands say they made and executed said power of attorney of their own free will and accord and without any threat persuasion or other undue influence from their said husbands all of which is ordered to be so certified.106

There is a second record of William S. Webb marrying in Sumner County. The second record is on October 15, 1849 to Jane Clendining, witnessed by R. J. D. Robb.107 There is a William S Webb buried in Clendening Cemetery (approximately 1/2 mile South of Latimer Lane on Long Hollow Pike in Sumner County, TN). That tombstone gives a birth date of January 3, 1823 and a death date of February 18, 1858.108 I have no idea who this William S. Webb is but figured I would put the info here for reference.
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