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7292. Arlene Christiansen Webb, “Christiansen family,” June 28, 2018.
My grandparents got Grandpa had lived in SF and with his brother Martin 
they ran a delicatessen.  Because they needed more help, they sent for 
their sister Lena to come from Denmark to join them. She brought with 
her her new friend that she made on the ship coming over. Kristen was 
from Norway and had saved her money to come to US.  You guessed the rest!

Grandpa wanted to get out of the city so found a place in Turlock.  It 
was there my dad was born on Oct. 18, 1912.  Grandpa was looking for a 
place to buy and found one the next year in West Modesto on Carpenter 
road and Grayson Rd.  It was 40 acres with an old house, out house, and 
several old buildings. Shortly after they got settled in to their new 
home, their second son Arne was born. Arnie never left the place.  While 
still in high school he and my dad started the Christiansen Trucking 
Business.   They also did farming on the family land and bought farm 
equipment and Arnie did plowing and harvesting for other farmers and he 
did this till he died.  Never had a girlfriend, a quiet man with little 
to say. About  that time a third son was born--James who they called 
Jamie but some called him Jim. All the boys graduated from high school, 
my dad went to Business College and had a job as a driver delivering the 
Modesto Bee to rural Modesto.  A little over a year later their daughter 
Hulda was born. 2 years later in November 1919, 2nd daughter Thelma was 
born.  Then in August  of 1924, Lillian was born and the family complete.

Jamie, who we believe is your father did go to Junior College in 
Modesto.  He bought land and house 2 miles from the home place on 
Jennings Rd. I don't know what all he did.  He raised alfalfa  on his 
land, he may have worked with Arnie.  My Dad married my Mom (they eloped 
to Reno) and settled on 23 acres of land on what is now know as East 
Orangeburg. Dad added a dairy to his place and fruit trees. They lived 
on the same place till their death both died in their own bed.  My dad 
on Oct. 19,1992, the day after his 80th birthday. Mom died Feb. 9, 
2018.  She was almost 106.

Jamie was the next to get married and it was about 1943. The lady was 
Ada and she had two children.  Patsy was the oldest and about 6 at the 
time, Buddy was 2 years younger. The marriage didn't last long.  They 
divorced about 1946.  In 1948 Jamie married again. This time to a widow 
named Virginia whose husband had been a service station manager and one 
day there was a fire and the gas tank exploded and he was killed. She 
had a 10 year old daughter, Carole Rae.  We became best of friends.  She 
died this last December and my brother David and his wife and I attended 
her memorial service this last January.  Jon was there and that is the 
last time I have seen him.  He was supposed to come to my Mom's funeral 
but never made it.  Said he got lost finding the place. The service was 
held at the cemetery where all the Christiansen family are buried 
including his father.

Jon Christiansen was born Feb. 14, 1950.  I thought he was the cutiest 
baby--blond and blue eyes.  Carole and I loved to babysit and play with him.

Virginia and Jamie had met in a bar and both drank.  I never saw her 
drunk but when they got a divorce in 1956, my grandparents won custody 
for Jonnie because she was an alcoholic and unfit mother. Anyway, they 
with my aunt Hulda who was living at home then pretty much raised him 
but Jamie came almost every night and had supper with the family and 
would sometimes take him home for the week-end.  The local public school 
Westport was just across the road down less than 1/4th  mile.  My aunt 
Hulda also never married although she had a career before retiring to 
come home and live with her elderly parents. She was first an elementary 
teacher, then during the war she joined USO and entertained troops in 
the Philippines.  After that she worked with the US Government as a 
auditor for foreign embassies all around the world.  She died in 2012 
and Jonnie made it  to her funeral and to the burial which was at the 
same place!  However, he was a pallbearer and rode in the hearst !!

Jamie remarried in about 1987.  These dates are as I remembered. Alma 
was much younger than Jamie. About 23-24 years.
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7294. “Deaths and Funerals,” Roy Tanner, The Dispatch, Moline, IL, November 13, 1977, 5.
Services for Roy Tanner, 66, of 135 W. 7th St., Coal Valley, former owner of Tanner Manufacturing Co., will be 10 a.m. Monday at Trimble Funeral Home, Rev. Lowell Dallman, Trinity Lutheran Church, officiating. Burial will be in RiversideCemetery.

There is no visitation.

Mr. Tanner died Saturday morning in Moline Lutheran Hospital.

He was born in Hastings, Neb. He married Helen Marie Swanson in 1935 in Moline. She died in 1959. He married Betty Williams in 1966.

Mr. Tanner was owner-operator of Tanner Manufacturing Co., Moline, from 1950 to 1970, and later the owner of Roy Tanner Co., Moline.

Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Sally M. Westdale, Moline; son, David L. Tanner, Moline; five grandchildren; sister, Mrs. Frank Wobig, Zumbrota, Minn., and a brother, Elmer Tanner, Lincoln, Neb.
7295. “Deaths and Funerals,” Helen Tanner, The Dispatch, Moline, IL, May 11, 1959, 10.
Mrs. Helen M. Tanner, 43, of '811 38th St., Moline, died at 7 yesterday morning in her home. She was employed as secretary to the president of the Uptown National Bank of Moline.

Services will be at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon in Esterdahl Chapel with the Rev. John Genn, pastor of Wesley Methodist Church, officiating. Burial will be in Riverside Cemetery. Friends may call from 7 to 9 tonight at the chapel.

The former Helen M. Swanson, the daughter of Louis and Ida Swanson, was born Feb. 6, 1914 in Moline. She was graduated from Moline High School and was a life resident of Moline.

She was married to Roy Tanner on June 1?, 1935, in Moline. Mrs. Tanner was a member of Wesley Methodist Church and was active in the WSCS of the church.

Surviving are a daughter, Sally M., and a son, David L, both at home; her mother, Mrs. Ida Swanson, Moline; a sister, Mrs. William Driscoll, Moline, and a niece, Mrs. Charles Tranter, Worland, W. o.
7296. “Deaths and Funerals,” Betty L DeVolder, The Dispatch, Moline, IL, August 24, 2006, 7.
Betty L. DeVolder, 86, died on Sunday, Aug. 20, 2006, at Oak Glen Home, rural Coal Valley.

A memorial service will be held 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 26, at Trinity Lutheran Church, Moline. Memorials may be made to Oak Glen Home in Coal Valley. Arrangements are being handled by Wendt Funeral Home, Moline.

Betty L. Bowman was born on July 25, 1920, in Burlington, Iowa, to Willard and Isabel Parker Bowman. She married Lloyd Williams Sr. on July 27, 1938, in Burlington, Iowa. She later married Roy Tanner in 1966, and he passed away in October of 1977. She was then married to Rene DeVolder from 1981 until she was widowed again in January of 1992.

Betty graduated from Burlington High School. She retired as an office manager for several local doctors, and she was a volunteer for the Red Cross and the hospital auxiliaries.

She was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church of Moline. Betty loved her children and grandchildren, and liked oil painting, fishing, traveling, crocheting, gardening, and especially enjoyed her animals.

Survivors (and spouses) include a son, Lloyd (Barb) Williams Jr., Rock Island; daughter, Linda (John) MacCall, Moline; a son, Michael (Nancy) Williams, Colona; a daughter, Marcia Conrad, California; and a son, Randy (Marilyn) Williams, Colorado; her sister, Donna Pence, Burlington; 14 grandchildren; 25 great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild; and longtime friend, Mary Daufeldt. Rock Island.
7297. “Betty L Bowman DeVolder,” Find-A-Grave,, 15495221.
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